The Technology

Professional technique Rich experience
Excellent quality

Professional mold designing team

Use legitimate CAD/CAM software. Our team with professional technology for you to effectively assess the mold cost which reach customer standard and the forming possibilities for your product.


Double EDM- Tooling at the same time to save the processing time (Max dimension:4000*1450*630)


Polishing technology up to SIP A-2 #3000 (mirror polish) to Present the texture for product.

Assembly & Clamping

Use Clamping machine by Japan-SANKI to check each part. Could stand mold weight under 20 tons.

Mold flow analysis

Aim to the different size & shape of mold to analyze the suitable gate position,P/L, warping and injection pressure etc...

CNC micro carving
NC min R0.15

High speed NC machine RPM36000*1 unit & RPM24000*3 unit, the min. cutter R0.15 could make micro carving.